A new client in year one of a 5 year, year on year increasing cost, contract. Help the client realise savings through discovery and recovery of cost through infrastructure optimisation.

The Challenge

CHALLENGE: Cost were spiralling on year one of the clients outsourcing journey of a five year contract.  Challenge was to reduce operational spend without adverse impact on the business.

REMIT: Our first engagement with this major client.  Prove ourselves by take €0.5m off the annual IT spend on a 'no win no fee' basis.  If we didn't make the savings the client would not be bound to pay the fee.

Our Solution

Kick off with Optimisation Discovery.  Through review end to end from Technical Teams to commercial and contracts teams understand what services are being charged for and at what cost and where these resource units are being consumed and how.  Identify and optimise; redundant units, consolidation opportunities, targeted transformation candidates.

The Result

The delivery of savings was exceeded and on time.  Along the way we identified further savings opportunities for the client and have signed a second, longer term, contract to continue the optimisation journey.  We are forecasting over €1M of savings in 12 months for the client.  The client IT team have reduced, manageable, workload, the client team moral feels improved, senior management are reporting significant savings and we have continued opportunity to work with the client for future engagements.  Optimise everything!

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