Design and build a high availability File Serving solution and migrate 200TB of legacy data without impacting the business.

The Challenge

CHALLENGE: Multiple disparate end of life file servers spread across multiple sites.  Each with it's own backup solution. Each with it's own rudimentary business/disaster recovery plan.

REMIT: Replace this current file serving service with a scalable, highly available and DR capable file serving environment. Migrate 200TB of of Windows and Linux data to the new platform with minimal downtime, zero unplanned impact and maintaining old servershare paths and the legacy data security model.


Our Solution

Designed and built a Highly Available NetApp File Serving solution replicated between two locations to provide the scalable, highly available platform required to host data from both Windows NTFS and Linux NFS file systems.

File Systems folder structure, shares and security review to create a migration consolidation plan.  Initial copies from legacy file servers to new NetApp solution.

Working out of hours and to the clients change management policies legacy file servers data was cut-over to an agreed schedule to minimise the impact to the business.  DFS Consolidated Roots and DNS CNAME technologies used to ensure seamless redirection of requests data from the point of cut-over.

Migrated data held in instantly recoverable snapshots in the primary location and replicated hourly to the secondary location.

The Result

11 legacy file servers, their disk arrays and tape backup hardware decommissioned.   200TB of data seamlessly migrated without a single help desk call and with zero configuration changes required at the client end.  RTO and RPO improved beyond the clients expectations.

Resulted in highly available, highly resilient, highly scalable consolidated file serviing enviroment and a reduction in the legacy platform footprint and ongoing OPEX costs.

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